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aquarium by Frank Koper

Aquarium decorations overview

Aquaristics is a very broad subject. More and more people are passionate about breeding aquarium fish, setting up marine or freshwater tanks. However, many people, even those who are not big aquarium enthusiasts, would like to have a nice tank in their apartment or business. Such a well-arranged aquarium, with a richly equipped interior, vegetation, water creatures and decorations, is a great, natural decorative element, often captivating its observer with vivid colors and a magical atmosphere.

An aquarium tank is not only a place where you can breed fish. The aquarium can also be an interesting addition to interior design. Blended into a specially prepared space, it becomes a part of the room in which it is located. It can therefore be a very interesting and unique decorative element or a source of relaxation, mental relaxation and a perfect escape from everyday problems, becoming a part of nature that soothes the senses. If you want your fish tank to look nice, don't be afraid of adding decorations!

Why to use aquarium decorations?

It would seem that the decorations are designed to increase the attractiveness of the aquarium and thus make the place in which it stands eye-catching and decorate the interior. However, aquarium decorations have a much wider function because they are responsible for providing the fish with a place to hide or a place to spawn.

But that's not all, because the use of aquarium decorations is also a good way to diversify the substrate. In order for everything to fit together and form a coherent concept, a well-thought-out arrangement of the freshwater tank is extremely important here, which we can face ourselves or use the help of experienced professionals.

What we can find on the market?

It must be admitted that the manufacturers of aquarium decorations rose to the occasion, because the range of available solutions is impressive. We have a choice of various custom-made aquarium decorations, so that each of us can find something suitable for ourselves - from natural decorations, to artificial ones, ready to be put in the water, as well as those that require additional preparation.

Natural decorations

We are fans of nature aquariums that's why we recommend to use decorations proposed by Mother Nature. These decorations can be surely use in different styles of nature aquariums or biotope aquariums. Of course, everything depends on personal choice.


Natural decorations certainly include roots, which are perfect for aquariums with fish, as well as for those where other creatures live. At this point it is worth mentioning that the roots may require additional cleaning as this way you can get rid of any contamination. In order to properly prepare the roots for our aquarium, it is enough to steam them with boiling water or soak them for a longer period of time. There are plenty methods found on different forums how to prepare the roots or wood to put into the aquarium water. Remember that different methods can be dedicated to different kinds of roots or wood so choose them carefully.

Rocks and stones

Certainly, the presence of such accessories will be appreciated by your fish and shrimp because it is an ideal place for them to shelter and rest. However, this is not the end of the proposal, because natural decorations can also include natural rocks and stones, which can imitate the natural bottom of the water reservoir. And here also... we need to be careful. Many stones and rocks affect the water chemistry, e.g. the limestone which is dedicated mostly to African lake biotopes because it rises the water pH and not many fish species can handle this. Moreover, avoid rocks with sharp edges that can hurt your fish' fins.

rocks in an aquarium


Among natural ornaments, leaves can be used, especially in biotope aquariums. But here also we have to remember that they affect water chemistry, e.g. oak acidifies the water due to large amount of tannins; walnut slightly changes the water color. Look around the trees in your neighborhood, there is a great chance that you'll find a species that will enrich your aquarium decor.

oak leaves

Aquarium plants

It's quite obvious, but worth pointing out that choosing different live plants contrasting with fish is the best natural aquarium ornament. Although some species of real plants are used to fill the space, there are some live plants that are being chosen to catch the viewer's eye. Introducing live plants in different colors or blooming plants will surely improve your aquarium decor. Look into our recent articles about Madagascar lace or Ludwigia mini sp. super red which are very decorative and available in aquarium trade.

Remember that injecting carbon dioxide is very beneficial for live plant growth and its vibrant colors. Look into our offer of CO2 Systems provided by CO2Art HERE! Together with appropriate lighting, your aquarium plants will grow healthy, fast and beautifully.

aquarium plants

Other natural decorations

The natural decorations for the aquarium also include ornaments made of bamboo, coconut, natural woods or clay. For example, smaller pieces of wood floating on the water surface are great in case of black waters biotope aquarium.
An interesting solution will be the use of ceramic ornaments, including corals, castles or tubes, which will certainly increase the tank decor.

Artificial decorations

Right next to natural decorations, there will be many artificial solutions. Artificial aquarium decorations also have a positive effect on the appearance of a tank with fish or other creatures. In the case of artificial decorations, there are plastic ornaments and ornaments made of various types of materials, inter alia sunken ships.

Artificial decorations, including, for example, plastic flowers or other fake plants, are perfect where live plants cannot be grown in an aquarium, i.e. when they are destroyed or eaten by fish.

Decorative backgrounds can also be included in the category of artificial decorations. These aquarium products are perfect to emphasize the charm and character of the aquarium. They add depth to the tank and, most importantly, cut off the elements behind the rear window - the wall or the furniture.

aquarium decorations

The decorations and the type of glass the tank is made of

When planning the construction of an aquarium, it is quite important to choose the glass from which it will be made. While planning to use interesting decoration in our aquarium, it is worth considering the use of Optiwhite glass. The Optiwhite aquarium is a great idea when we want to accurately reproduce the colors of plants, decorations, fish and everything that will be in the aquarium. An aquarium made of this type of glass is characterized by great transparency and does not have the greenish tint typical of float glass, visible especially at the edges of the glass.

What and how to choose?

Many of us are used to the fact that when choosing decorations, we choose what we like visually. However, in the case of aquarium decorations, the choice cannot be accidental. First of all, we must take into account the inhabitants of the aquarium, i.e. the fish or other animals living in it. But that's not all, because the environment itself is important.

We need to know that some natural ornaments should not be present in some aquariums due to the adverse effects of water, which means that e.g. freshwater aquariums must have appropriately selected tank decorations and vegetation.

However, this is not the end, because if we want the aquarium to look beautiful and its inhabitants to have adequate living conditions, we should make sure that all the selected elements as plants, roots, woods, lighting, form an integral whole. Therefore, when choosing decorations for an aquarium, let's do it very carefully.

Each ornament should harmonize with the vegetation, be adapted to the fish and the type of water. Remember that some species like dense plants while other require more space to swim, and others need to dig in the substrate. Just let's try to create an aquarium decor that is similar to their natural habitat. If all conditions are fulfilled, we will certainly manage to create an aquarium everyone will admire.


We're sure that among our audience there are many hobbyists who was saying at the beginning of the aquarium adventure that "arrangement is easy" but changed their mind after setting up the first freshwater tank. And there is nothing surprising about this- there are so many possibilities that we can't be certain about the final effect. And this is exciting about this hobby- everything depends on the imagination (and maintanance ;) ).