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Lobelia Cardinalis Mini by @timariums

lobelia cardinalis mini by @earl_scapes


The round leaves of the Lobelia Cardinalis “Mini: '' would serve as a perfect accent to a Nature Style tank filled with Rotalas and other oval-shaped leafed plants. Its light green color and low growth helps it to stand out from the rest of the crowd as well. Like the original, the large Lobelia Cardinalis, this version is relatively easy to grow and establish in the aquascape. 

It would form a low-lying bush once fully established; Lobelia's growth habits would pretty much be comparable to Althernanthera Reinickii’s wherein it is more interested in sending outside shoots than reaching the water’s surface. 


The plant definitely appreciates a high light aquarium. It requires higher intensity for it to send outside shoots and stems. Its growth is much more compact if given these conditions. If put in low light conditions, the plant will struggle and would try to reach the surface of the water. The growth will become leggy and thin.

lobelia mini by @timariums

CO2 injection

Like most plants that thrive under high light, Lobelia Cardinalis “Mini” will definitely require CO2 supplementation. It is not that difficult to keep though so long as the guidelines are followed. In an aquarium full of CO2 and light demanding plants it would probably be the last to show the aquarium owner that it is not thriving well. It can tolerate a certain amount of neglect for a long time. 

Water Parameters

Keep this plant in neutral PH water. This plant could tolerate higher PH though and definitely tolerate high TDS but ideal range is between 80-150PPM. CO2 saturation is maximum in cooler waters so it is best to place the plant in waters with temperatures ranging from 20-28 degrees Celsius. It can go without dosing for a long time but it is best to follow a regulator dosing schedule to keep it looking at its peak. 

lobelia mini by @timariums

Planting and Placement

This plant is definitely used as accents or as low-lying shrubs on a scape. Plant in large clumps for that effect. Be careful not to plant too densely. Too dense would mean light will not be able to penetrate lower leaves. If light cannot reach those, they will soon become yellow and start to die off or melt, leaving healthy looking top portions but bare at the bottom.


Lobelia Cardinalis “Mini” is compact in growth and it remains low in the aquarium so trimming is not usually much of a problem. When trimming, though care must be given not to damage individual leaves. Cut each plant carefully. Trimming usually involves removing the side stems or shoots and leaving the main plant untrimmed.

lobelia by @earl_scapes