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The great gifts for aquarium owners

Gifts for aquarists

Sometimes it happens that our friend has a birthday or we simply draw somebody's name in Christmas gifts exchange in the office. And we want to give somebody something useful, something which our friend will enjoy. Then it's worth to think about the passion, the hobby.

We know how wide the aquasaping community is. We all create this together. And what is obvious, aquascapers make friendships. Probably many of you have friends in aquarium hobby so if you thought of giving them any aquarium gadget they may like, you're in a good place.

Firstly, what gifts not to buy

Live fish

Although for many aquarists it's obvious, giving someone new aquarium fish is rather a bad idea. Usually we don't know special information about the aquarium of the receiver. Water chemistry, dimensions of the tank, current live stock, water temperature etc. should be always considered when deciding on any species. It's best when the aquarium owner buys the fish. Keeping fish is like keeping pets. Stocking the fish tank should be a responsible choice.

Live plants

This rule is also suitable for buying aquatic plants. To be precised, plants that are not from in-vitro farm. Why? The plants coming from non-in-vitro farms can bring e.g. unwelcome pathogens or snails eggs to the tank. This may lead to struggling with diseases and stable water conditions and instead of having a new plant in the tank, the aquarist has problems. And last, but not least, if the gift is a surprise, the receiver may not have place for the plant at the moment which is also a disadvantage.

Fish food

Fish food is also one of the gifts that can be a waste of money. Many aquarium lovers have their favourite brands and often choose fish foods that are dedicated to particular species- so again- if you don't have any knowledge about the food her/his fish prefer, maybe it's better to buy a voucher to the local pet store.

The gift ideas for any planted aquarium lovers

-Equipment useful in daily maintanance

The list is long here. Starting with a water test kit which aquarists use on daily basis, through fertilizers and nets. How to decide on only one thing? It depends on the budget.

-Test kits

Test kits would be something useful. Aquarists use them to monitor mainly ammonia, nitretes, nitrates and pH but there are different kinds of tests dedicated to different compounds in aquarium water.

-Drop checker kit

If your friend doesn't have this gadget in his/her CO2 tank, this gift will surely help her/his to monitor the pH constantly. The kit comes with an elegant glass which won't disturb the arrangement of the aquarium. Look into our offer and purchase our Drop Checker Kit, which is being shipped worldwide. Also Drop Checker Solution is available separately in our store which is also a great "extra" to the main gift.

-Small replacement items

Being an aquarium owner means that there are lots of things to think about at any given time, and with this being true you may wish to consider buying your loved one a more practical gift, that they are certain to thank you for in the long term. Things like replacement bulbs and filters may seem simple – but there is nothing worse than running out and having to run to the shops to buy one, so keeping your loved one well stocked up is more than worth it.

-Aquarium ornaments

Aquarium decorarions are other gifts that aquarium enthusiasts may like. As we are nature style lovers, in our opinion ornaments like cocnuts and naturally coloured stones would be a great gift. Moreover, there are plenty tutorials on Youtube how to prepare a coconut to put into the aquarium so maybe think of such an DYI gift?

-Cherry-on-top gift ideas

This paragraph is dedicated probably to the real enthusiasts with not tight budget. But hey... Big occations also happen! Why not to share the costs among the family and buy a premium CO2 regulator which is a dream of almost every aquascaper? Together with the regulator, you receive up to 10 years warranty and a lifetime support! We're sure any aquarium lover will enjoy this high quality equipment. Let us help you to compare our two models of CO2Art Dual Stage Regulators.

-CO2Art Pro-Se Regulator

This is the most popular model in our store. It comes with maximal working pressure 40PSI. The pressure stabilisation is around 5PSI. The regulator contains also a bubble counter with integrated check valve. Possible to work with one diffuser. Check our range of exclusive diffusers which will come up to expectations of the most demanding clients.

-CO2Art Pro-Elite Regulator

This regulator is the most advanced CO2 regulator on the market. I comes with maximum working pressure 80 PSI and pressure stabilisation around 1 PSI. This regulator comes with one bubble counter but it's possible to purchase extra manifold blocks and work with more than one diffuser. 10 years warranty and wonderful customer service guaranteed!


If you're not certain if the receiver will like the gift, don't take a risk and buy him/her a voucher. This can be to the local pet store, store with aquatic plants or to any e-commerce platform with aquarium stuff. We also have one in our offer so don't hasitate to purchase one directly from our website.


We are sure that there are plenty of different gift ideas perfect for aquarium lovers. In our opinion, it's important to buy useful and not live gifts because we have no idea if the receiver has place for live plants and live creatures. To sum up, any gift given honestly with love will be surely appriciated no matter how much money you will spend on it.