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The little things can make all the difference

When you think of injecting CO2 into your aquarium, the first piece of equipment that springs to mind is most likely the regulator. This makes sense, its the largest item in the kit, the most expensive and arguably the most important element of successfully operating a hi-tech planted tank. After all, your regulator controls the flow of CO2 from the high pressured cylinder into your aquarium. Without a reliable and accurate regulator, you end up with fluctuations in your CO2 levels which leads to algae blooms, irregular plant growth and in some cases, fish fatality. We offer two regulators. Both are fitted with a solenoid which allows the user to automate the supply of CO2.

The second most important item in any CO2 kit is the diffuser. Often our customers ask which diffuser is best and our answer is 'both' our diffusers are great. Whether you choose to attach our inline diffuser to your external filter or place our Flux_diffuser inside your aquarium is up to you. Each offering their own benefits.

To establish a successful CO2 setup, you must look further than the above two items. Little things such as using the correct tubing can prevent future corrosion. Our CO2 resistant tubing comes in several colours and will not be corroded by the CO2 over time - unlike airline tubing which is often used in error. This causes fluctuations in your CO2 levels leading many problems down the line.

Appearance is everything when creating an aquascape. Why spoil a beautifully shaped aquarium with unsightly tubing dragged over the side of your aquarium attached to the diffuser. We have designed minimalistic glass fittings that blend into the background of your aquascape. These fittings allow fa more minimalist look without loose tubing on view.

Our website offers many other replacement items.

  • Ceramic elements for our diffusers. Replacing this element will ensure your CO2 diffuser continues to provide the nano mist through its lifetime.
  • Washers for our regulators to prolong the use of your regulator. Our tech support team are always available to help with the replacement of washers. 
  • Suction cups for tubing, diffusers and glass fittings. Using clear suction cups allow the aquascaper to keep everything in place without spoiling the appearance of their layout.

We recently added our precision check valve to our accessories range. The check valve is fitted on the tubing between the diffuser and the regulator. This prevents any water from travelling back up the tubing and into the regulator. Without this in place, there is a risk of damage to your regulator and any other equipment attached to the tubing.

So while it is important to select the correct regulator and diffuser for your aquarium, Pay close attention to the little things because its the little things that can make all the difference.