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The Nature Aquarium

The Nature style aquascape is one of the most popular styles amongst aquascapers worldwide. First introduced by the late Takashi Amano through his passion for landscape photography. Amano would capture a scene in nature (often a forrest) then recreate that scene in the aquarium. 


Special attention to the formation of the rocks and wood in order to recreate the nature scene. A good nature aquarium will consist of one main focal point which would include either a collection of rock or plant that stands out form the others. The overall aim is to create a something that is unique and well thought out.

A nature aquarium should present itself in one of these forms.

    • Concave - a very popular layout that requires the hardscape to dip in the centre and rise at either side creating a space in the centre of the aquarium.
    • Triangular - Focusing the hardscape on one corner creating a triangular shape which leaves a larger open space at the opposite side of the aquarium.
    • Convex - The most challenging composition to attempt. With all focus being on the centre of the aquarium and leaving a space at either side.

 When adding plants to a nature aquarium, it is very important to study the plants and moss in the original scene. Having a photograph of your inspiration is very beneficial at this point to allow you to choose aquatic plants that give you the look your hoping for. It is important to pay attention to the light. With your hardscape in place, this will create a natural distribution of the light. Shaded spaces behind and underneath the wood and open spaces being the brightest areas

The use of java moss or similar species attached to branches or rock is perfect to give your aquascape a natural appearance. Plants such as Bucephelandra or Anubias also prefer shaded areas and create nice bushy zones at the base of any hardscape.

Bright open spaces can be turned into a meadow or valley by using dwarf hairgrass  or dwarf baby tears.

Each nature aquarium is a unique work of art. The final look of the aquascape is based on the aquascapers perception of the original piece of nature scenery. 

The triangle style nature aquarium called

'Drops of light in the forrest' by aquascaper Petruc Dan

A perfect example of the concave style nature aquarium

called 'Down to the river' by Aquascaper Oussama Johrati


This is a really nice version of the Convex layout.

Photo taken by Photographer Kris Oddy