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12V DC upgrade! We are upgrading our CO2 Solenoids to 12V DC!

Starting today, all our dual stage regulators will be supplied with Safe 12V DC - Low Power - Cool Touch Solenoid Solution!

Why did we decide to move into 12V DC direction?

Mainly; safety! We are not big fans of having 110V AC or 240V AC solenoids under the aquarium full of water. 

Apart from that 12V DC solution will prevent solenoid from :

  • Buzzing sound which may happen with high voltage AC solenoids.
  • Heat, AC solenoids produce heat + 50C/120F
  • Power consumption; in most cases, AC solenoids starts at 3W!

Main advantages of having CO2Art 12V DC solenoid :

  • Solenoids are powered by external power adapter with universal input power: 100V-240V 50Hz & 60Hz will let you use solenoid around the world.
  • For 100% safety solenoid is powered by low power 12V DC!
  • The solenoid doesn't produce any heat due to low power consumption.
  • DC power prevents solenoid from buzzing operation which may happen with AC powered solenoids.
  • LED light indicating operation.

 All this as STANDARD! With all of our dual stage regulators!

PRO-Elite Series

PRO-SE Series