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Your weekly catch up with CO2Art 

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The CO2 Systems Specialists

🇷🇸Mandic Branislav🇷🇸 

The first of this weeks two nee CO2 Artists comes all the way from Serbia. We Welcomed Mandic Branislav who is a student of veterinary medicine with a great passion for aquariums. With four years of experience working within aquatics shops, Mandic has developed an exceptional love for aquascaping and has big plans. We are delighted to have Mandic join our CO2 Artist team and look forward to seeing what his next aquascape is going to be.

Welcome to the team!
Manndic Branislav

🇮🇹Stefano Bontempi🇮🇹 

We have again been busy welcoming moreaquascapers to our team and this week we welcome another brilliant Italian artist.

Stefano Bontempi from Urbino, Italy has always been passionate about animals, art and technology. Initially introduced to fishkeeping with African cichlids, it wasn't very long until he began to explore the more artistic and social aspect of the aquarium hobby. From this, the name aqua_scapingthings was born.

For Stefano, his new online profile was a way to showcase his underwater artwork and allowed him to focus on design and details. Payingparticular attention towards the inhabiting animals coupled with a special interest in regards to the growth of a wide selection of aquatic plants, Stefano demonstrates a great deal of skill in his work.

Stefano is part of a group of aquascapers who are using technology and the internet to promote the aquascaping hobby and we are very happy to support his effort.

Welcome to the team!

Bacopa caroliniana 'lemon bacopa'

Difficulty: This is a very simple plant to care for with no real demands. Grows slowly and makes for the perfect plant for beginners.

Tank Position: Ideally placed at the rear of the aquarium. reaching heights of 30cm if makes a very nice backdrop in any aquarium. However, due to the slower rate of growth, pay attention to any plants planted in front of this plant. 

Lighting: A good amount of lighting is the one main factor that this plant needs to grow successfully.

Temperature: A temperature range of 23-24℃ is perfect for growing this plant/. This low temperature makes the Bacopa caroliniana a good solid choice for an outdoor pond too.

CO2 Requirements: Although it is not essential, it is advised to provide a small amount of CO2 to get the absolute best from this plant.

Feeding: Regular dosing with a fertiliser that includes iron, nitrate and phosphate will give this plant the best environment to grow.

Note: This plant gets the name lemon bacopa because of the distinctive lemon smell it creates when you rub the leaves.

Our artist Mikica Markovic aka MikiMark Design has been working hard on his own aquascaping studio. Recently he shared some photos of the first aquascape to be up and running. It was a proud moment for Mikica and great to see all his hard work start to pay off. Make sure your following Mikica to keep up to date with everything he is doing by clicking the link below 

MikiMark Design

Have you signed up yet?

We have been working on our plans to launch our very own aquascaping community and we are almost ready to launch our new website so we decided to share some more information to let you all know why we are so excited.

The new CO2 Artists community will offer members a place to connect with many other like minded aquascapers. Its a place to show past and present projects, share advice and ideas with aquascapers from across the world. We want our CO2 Artists community to feel special which is why we have included features such as a gallery of different styled aquascaspes, shop directory and even an events calendar so members can find and attend local workshops to further improve their skills.

Our members will have several benefits including special discounts, early access to our new products and much more. 

Why not visit our social media pages and check out some of the existing co2 artist galleries already being shared. 

We are currently looking for beta testers so if you have not already registered to become a beta tester, you can do so by clicking on the learn more button at the top of the co2 artist facebook page.
CO2 Artists
CO2 Artists

See you next week...

That's all from the team at CO2Art this week aquascaping friends. Thanks again for taking the time to catch up with us.

Until next week, keep those arms wet!

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