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The CO2 Systems Specialists

🇪🇪 Anastasija Fomina 🇪🇪 

Last week we welcomed Anastasija. Fomina to our CO2 Artist team. Anastasija who is well known online. as @cornyflakes09 is flying our flag from the Baltic country of  Estonia. Living in. the city of. Tallinn where she has graduated from the University of maritime logistics and currently working as a sales manager. Anastasija or 'Corny' has been a keen aquarist since she was 16. Being drawn towards beautiful natural aquariums,  she knew she wanted to create aquascapes herself.

Only becoming involved in the planted aquariums a year ago. Early inspiration came. from aquascapers 'Alfishanado' & Juri_is has led her to become very active at her local aquascaping studio called @natureboxestonia which opened in 2018.

Corny has a strong liking for red coloured plants and the island style layout. This is something very clear in all her aquascapes shared online. Plant health is something that is. very important to Corny and the addiction of shrimps and Rasboras to her aquariums finished of each scape perfectly. We are delighted to have an artist in Estonia and would like all our friends to get behind her and show their support. 

Welcome to the team!
Naturebox Aquarium Design

Aponogeton henkelianus

Difficulty: Difficult - nutrient rich substrates can harm this plant. Only use a substrate with a lower organic matter than average. The bulb must only be partially buried to avoid rotting

Tank Position: This plant will get big - and fast! the only suitable place in your aquarium is at the rear.

Lighting: Moderate lighting is required. it is important to implement rest periods to ensure healthy growth.

Temperature: A temperature range of 20-26℃ is best. During resting periods, aim to reduce the temperature.

CO2 Requirements: Medium CO2 injection is needed for healthy growth.

Feeding: This is a root feeding plant and must receive a fertiliser with iron for healthy growth.

Note: This plant is also known as the Madagascar Lace Leaf plant. With its long, wide leaves each with a lattice effect. Known to grow better when placed beside similar plants such as the Cryptocoryne species. 

One does not simply keep one aquarium

The love it when our customers share photos of their favourite aquascapes. Especially if we have played a part in the growth and health of the plants on show. We are especially happy when we see photos like this one from our CO2 Artist Pablo Fernandez. Pablo has been working hard to maintain all these stunning planted tanks.

As the aquascaping hobby grows, aquascaping studios are becoming more popular. We love them, what do you think?

Do you have multiple aquascapes running? why not get in touch and tell us all about them.

You could be featured next.
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Have you signed up yet?

We have been working on our plans to launch our very own aquascaping community and we are almost ready to launch our new website so we decided to share some more information to let you all know why we are so excited.

The new CO2 Artists community will offer members a place to connect with many other like minded aquascapers. Its a place to show past and present projects, share advice and ideas with aquascapers from across the world. We want our CO2 Artists community to feel special which is why we have included features such as a gallery of different styled aquascaspes, shop directory and even an events calendar so members can find and attend local workshops to further improve their skills.

Our members will have several benefits including special discounts, early access to our new products and much more. 

Why not visit our social media pages and check out some of the existing co2 artist galleries already being shared. 

We are currently looking for beta testers so if you have not already registered to become a beta tester, you can do so by clicking on the learn more button at the top of the co2 artist facebook page.
CO2 Artists
CO2 Artists

See you next week...

That's all from the team at CO2Art this week aquascaping friends. Thanks again for taking the time to catch up with us.

Until next week, keep those arms wet!

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