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🇪🇸Pablo Fernandez 🇪🇸

Last week our CO2 Artist joined us  from the city that gave us one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century - Pablo Picasso. 🇪🇸Spain - a country known for vibrant colours and a rich history in culture, today gives us yet another artist - Pablo Fernandez.
Just like Spains other artist Pablo Picasso, Our new artist Pablo Fernandez lives in Malaga, has a keen eye for vibrant colours and nature.
Pablo began his passion for aquariums when he was a small child and it didn't take him long to discover the beauty of aquatic plants. Soon after adding his first live plant to one of his aquariums, he realised his true passion was aquascaping and has dedicated himself to creating stunning underwater works of art.
Take a look at his own aquascaping page 'The Brothers Scapers' to see just why we are happy to have him join our team
The Brothers Scapers

Eleocharis parvula

Difficulty: Moderate carte is required for the success of this plant.

Tank Position: Due to the narrow leaves on this plant, it is perfect for creating sweeping meadows in an aquascape. Use this plant in the foreground to create beautiful carpets of green grass.

Lighting: Moderate lighting is required to promote healthy steady growth.

Temperature: While this plant thrives in Luke warm water, you can grow healthy carpets within the temperature range of 18-26℃

CO2 Requirements: Requires moderate levels of CO2 injection to promote steady and consistent growth.

Feeding: Regular dosing with liquid fertiliser is required. This plant draws most of its nutrients from via its roots so it is vital to use a suitable substrate soil. 

Notes: A very attractive plant suitable for any aquascaped aquarium. When growing healthy, it will send out multiple runners to produce new leaves creating a tight grass like effect.  

We need your help

As you all know, we have been working os a big surprise. We are so close to sharing with everybody. So close that we are now looking for a group of aquascapers to help us put the finishing touches on our new project. Our CO2 Artists project is live and we have been testing it for a while now. We want to share with everyone of you but the final stage before we can do just that is to invite you to be our beta testers.

As a beta tester, you will help us make sure everything is perfect and ready for the big release. If you would like to be part of the CO2 Art beta team, click the link below and register your details. We will contact you very shortly to get you all set up.

This is a very important stage of our project and as a way of saying thank you for your help, all beta testers will be gifted 1 full year free subscription.

We look forward to working with you.

Be a Beta tester