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3 Key Benefits of Having a CO2 System in a Fish Tank



Against regular advice, many people are yet to install a CO2 regulator or system inside the fish tank or aquarium. In fact, many see this system as an additional and unnecessary expense. This is usually because although they are advised time and time again to get a CO2 system installed into their tank, they fail to see what it can do for them. For instance in a tank without a good CO2 system, the aquarium plants may look pale or sickly, or the waters murky. People also find it hard to believe they need CO2 if they have a lot of fish: after all fish filter out CO2 when they breath. However this is not how the natural water systems maintain their balance of CO2. There are other natural occurrences that affect CO2 levels such as soil erosion and moving water which you do not get in a still tank. For these reasons a good CO2 system comes with the following benefits:

1. Healthy Looking Plant life

A known fact is that fish and plant life need to coexist in balance. The plants thrive on the carbon dioxide that is produced by the fish while the fish feed on plant matter and also take cover underneath. However, too much or too little CO2 will affect both plants and fish. Symptoms of lack of CO2 include plants that have pale leaves and stems, or stunted growth. This also means that the plants will be unable to properly aerate the environment or provide the right nutrients to the fish. Such negative situations are best avoided by installation of a quality CO2 system.

2. Healthy Fish

CO2 plays a vital role in the life of fish. Too much or too little will not only harm the fish but may lead to the untimely death. Fish produce carbon dioxide during respiration. Too much CO2 in the water increases toxicity and affects the pH balance. Unfortunately, unless you are highly skilled in detecting or noticing the level of carbon dioxide, what you will see is sickly or dead fish. A CO2 regulator helps moderate the level of CO2 thus minimizing the negative effects.

3. Combating Growth of Algae

Algae is one of the biggest threats for fish. The compound affects the life of fish by creating unhealthy environment that can cause disease to the fish as well as affecting other plant life. According to studies, carbon dioxide contributes to the growth of algae and also leads to excess ammonia which is dangerous for fish. Installing a system in the fish tank for monitoring carbon dioxide helps combat the negative effect.

Yes, it may look pretty simple, but the value of a good co2 system is evident. It helps improve the water quality, boost the health of both fish and plants, and also keep algae and related compounds at bay. Nonetheless, it’s vital to note that all systems are not same. This is more reason for you to purchase quality CO2 regulator and systems from reputable dealers.