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How to make your dorm room more interesting

If you are looking to go to university in the autumn term, then one of the things that you will be looking forward to is moving into your student accommodation and really making the place your own. With this being the case, you may wish to spend some time thinking about the things you could do in order to make your room more interesting, as this means that it would feel like home as quickly as possible.

Bring an aquarium setup

This is something that can add a lot of colour to your room, and it is unlikely that your university would have a problem with this type of pet bring brought with you. You could take your aquascaping tools and really make a project out of it. If you are the type of person who struggles being away from home, then this is the perfect thing to do in order to take your mind off things.


CO2 art aquascaping tools

Take lots of photos

When you go to start your new course at university, it is almost certain that you will be leaving the majority of your friends behind, and because of this you will want to take something with you to help you remember them, and photos are the ideal thing for this. Most rooms have a board where you can pin things like this onto it, so you could spend a lot of time being creative with your display and really thinking about how best to put up the photos.

Invest in some bunting

There is usually only so much that you will be allowed to do with a dorm room, as there will be strict rules about changing any of the décor that was there when you moved in. However, there is nothing wrong with pinning up a little bit of bunting, so long as you don’t leave too many marks behind, and this is a great thing to do if you want to bring a splash of colour to your room without having to do anything that you’re not allowed to.

Think about bedding and cushions

This is a great way to express yourself, and by getting yourself some new bedding that really shows who you are, you will be able to make your mark on the room. You could also buy yourself some cushions or throws in the colour scheme that you have chosen, and this will make a big difference to the way that your room looks.


Aquarium lighting

Ultimately, there are many things that you can do if you want to make a mark on the room that you are moving into. With this in mind, it is definitely something to look forward to for when you move in, and this means that you will be able to start getting excited about the new term. Of course, there may be some nerves too, but that is normal, and as soon as you have really made your room your own, you will be able to settle in.