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Three main reasons which made the BMV solenoid valve to the leader in this branch:

  1. Due to the high efficiency of the BMV the valves open safely at a pressure < 5,5bar already with 0,8W input.
  2. By using the valves with alternating current (AC) there may be an annoying buzzing due to the frequency of the power (in Europe 50 or 60 Hz). This happens because the movable plunger in the solenoid valve moves around its axis at every on/off turn and in special positions the plunger starts to swing . A higher input will produce a higher magnetic power, which will eliminate such swing and noise, but it will lead to very hot coils. This is not suitable for the aquaristic market. Therefore BMV has developed a patented stabilized control device which is integrated in the connected plug. This device is changing the AC into direct current (DC). Even the valves are connected to the 230V AC power supply there will be only a pulsating DC arriving at the coil. Due to this our solenoid valves don’t buzz anymore in spite of the low power input. Therefore the warming of the coil remains also very low. Sometimes end user discuss that the energy consumption of our valves is higher than we declare on the coils. But in fact the moving-coil testing instruments you find in the market to check it, are not able to measure the real input because of the pulsating DC.
  3. The aquaristic solenoid valves of the series BMV are generally delivered with push on fittings and cap nut. But if you want to connect the valve directly to the manometer or needle valve you only may dismount the inlet part of the solenoid valve with a 13 mm key. Then the inlet of the valve is male threaded G1/8” and you can connect it to the needle valve or manometer, which usually have the same threading. In case you want to use the pipe connection later again, you can remount the inlet part, which has an implemented O-ring that will not be lost in the meantime.