Brand: AquaBeat

Product Code: AB-REG001-GB-B

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Single Stage AquaBeat Professional Aquarium CO2 Regulator with pre-set working pressure and integrated Solenoid Magnetic Valve
  • Integrated Solenoid Valve compatible with 220-240V EU/UK power outlets.
  • No adjustment required.
  • Compatible with standard CO2 refillable cylinders, CO2 Fire Extinguishers, Sodastream* Cylinders
  • Working pressure set to high 4 bar allowing to run multiple high-pressure atomisers.
  • 2 pressure gauges displaying the residual pressure in the cylinder and the working pressure set.
  • The built-in solenoid magnetic valve allows for CO2 to be switch on/off at defined times.
  • Precision needle valve for fine tune CO2 flow adjustments
  • Bubble counter with an integrated check valve
  • Available in 4 different colors.

*Via sodastream adapter