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Aquarium Glass Inline CO2 Bubble Counter 

The glass CO2 bubble counter is an important part of any aquarium and will help you get the correct CO2 setup as it help you estimate the amount of CO2 going into your aquarium just by counting the bubbles. This is critical as a overdose of co2 will raise your ph valve and cause stress to your fish, while under dose of CO2 will slow down the growth of your plants which is against the idea of adding CO2.

Recommended set up is:

  • Fill the bubble counter with water.
  • Connect C02 tubing from the regulator with non return valve
  • Connect non return valve to bottom of bubble counter with silicone tubing (place non return valve close to bubble counter)
  • Connect the top of the bubble counter with silicone tubing, then connect with diffuser

If you have a solenoid, place it under/below the non return valve. Therefore the set up should be: solenoid > non return valve > bubble counter > diffuser
Compatible with pressurized Co2 tanks & DIY yeast bottles.

Bubble Counter Size:

  • OD: 2cm
  • TH: 12cm