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Aquarium Spiral Glass CO2 Diffuser with Built-in Check Valve

A professionally designed spiral glass CO2 diffuser for planted aquariums.

Watch the bubbles rise through the glass ladder and then pass through the ceramic plate at the top of the diffuser.

The benefit with this diffuser is CO2 spends a maximum amount of time diffusing into the water even before it has left the ceramic plate, making it an economical diffuser to have in your aquarium.

Tip: Don't try and fill your diffuser up with water to begin with. It will fill up on its own. In addition, the CO2 bubbles will not travel up the spiral until the water has filled the spiral (this can take a few days).

Size :

  • Outside diameter:4cm
  • Inside diameter:2.5cm
  • Height:14cm

A CO2 Diffuser optimizes the CO2 entering the aquarium for efficient plant absorption and less waste. As CO2 bubbles pass through the porous diffuser, they are diffused into streams of tiny bubbles. With increased surface area, the tiny CO2 bubbles are readily dissolved into the water, increasing the saturation of CO2 in the aquarium ecosystem.