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Cleaning CO2 Atomizer Detergent Kit with 8mm/12mm End-Caps

A multi-purpose acidity detergent for effective CO2 atomizer cleaning. Use for removal of algae and debris, to maintain optimal diffusion performance for diffusers, both inline and in-tank diffusers, or alternative diffusers.

Directions for Use:

Carefully hold diffuser over container or sink.
Squeeze acidity detergent over ceramic surface of diffuser, coat completely with detergent. Do not rub or touch ceramic of diffuser.
Leave detergent to soak on ceramic of diffuser, set diffuser aside in a safe place to sit for 30 minutes.
Rinse diffuser carefully with water, do not rub or touch ceramic of diffuser.
When finished, you can store used detergent and re-use again for future cleanings.

Do not use or mix with other chemicals or detergents.
Avoid eye contact, do not swallow, keep away from children.
Follow all guidelines and instructions listed on bottle label.