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Inline CO2 Aquarium Atomizer Diffuser System 16/22mm Hose

Featuring the world's finest and highest CO2 diffusion rate, our CO2 diffuser creates supreme diffusion of CO2 in aquarium water. CO2 is capable of 100% dissolution in the aquarium water.

Designed to be installed outside of the aquarium, inline within the outflow tubing of your canister filter, either below the aquarium or mounted to the aquarium glass.

  • Mount outside of aquarium inline within outflow tubing of canister filter
  • Fits tubing size 16/22mm ID/OD (inside diameter /outside diameter)
  • Creates a super fine mist of CO2 bubbles, bubble size is less than 0.1mm diameter
  • Includes suction cups

Important things to know...

This professional quality diffuser requires a minimum of 30 psi working pressure.
Must be used with CO2 pressure rated tubing only, not for use with silicone tubing. Tubing must be acid resistant and rated for high working pressure.
Do not use with bubble counter fluid or other bubble counter oils. Fill bubble counter with water only to avoid contamination of diffuser.

The CO2 Diffuser

A CO2 Diffuser optimizes the CO2 entering the aquarium for efficient plant absorption and less waste. As CO2 bubbles pass through the porous diffuser, they are diffused into streams of tiny bubbles. With increased surface area, the tiny CO2 bubbles are readily dissolved into the water, increasing the saturation of CO2 in the aquarium ecosystem.