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CO2 Solenoid Valve 12V DC - Safe - Low Power - Cool Touch for Planted Aquariums

High quality solenoid valve used for CO2 system in planted aquariums. Useful for DIY setup or in addition to a regulator without an integrated solenoid.

This is our latest designed solenoid. It has been designed by Swiss engineers with planted aquarium use in mind. Main features of this solenoid :

  • Powered by external power adapter with universal input power : 100V-240V 50Hz & 60Hz will let you use this regulator around the world
  • Power adapter with 4 interchangeable electric sockets adapters for worldwide use
  • For 100% safety solenoid is powered with 12V DC only!
  • Solenoid with built-in Electronic Power Consumption Module (EPCM) which lowers power consumption to 1.5W!
  • Solenoid doesn't produce any heat due to low power operation
  • DC power prevent solenoid from buzzing operation which may happen with AC powered solenoids

If you’re wondering what a solenoid valve does, it allows gas to flow, or not to flow through it. A fairly straight forward piece of equipment that can be used with any CO2 system. When using a solenoid valve, the most common way of using it is plugging it into the  timer which your lights use. The reason for this is quite simple:

your plants don’t use CO2 when the lighting is off…

So why waste it?