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Many people’s first venture into aquarium CO2 systems is using the popular ‘DIY Sugar / Yeast’ solution or Baking Soda / Citric Acid solution. This is where you either mix a sugar and yeast solution in water, or baking soda with citric acid. CO2 is produced and is the captured and deployed in the aquarium for the plants.

The problem with making your own system is it is very difficult to make the system air-tight particularly if pressure needs to build up in the system, which is often needed for many CO2 diffusers. The ‘DIY CO2 Kit’ overcomes this using purpose-built moulded plastic bottle tops, which provide an air-tight seal. 

What you will get  :

All what you need is (Sugar / Yeast) or (Citric Acid / Baking Soda) and internal pump to run diffuser.