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EI Easy Way! - Simple EI dosing, each pump action (1.2ml) will treat 10l of water in your aquarium and at the end of the week 

Typical dosing produces approximately 1.2ppm (1.2 mg/L) Nitrate (NO3) and 0.12ppm (0.12 mg/L) Phosphate (PO4).

1 pump action of this product to 10L of water adds approximately 1.2 ppm NO3 and 0.12 ppm PO4.

For each 10L of water 1 pump added once per week should be used to achieve the standard weekly macronutrient dosing. If plants show signs of deficiency such as yellowing of mature leaves then double the weekly dosage.

Avoid dosing micronutrients at the same time as this product, otherwise there is a greater chance of precipitates forming which can cloud the water.

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