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CO2 Beetle Counter is a CO2 bubble counter for large aquarium tank requiring a large supplementation. As CO2 bubbles rise in a spiral, you can easily count the number of CO2 bubbles. The design combines a playful sprit with practicality.

Recommended set up is:

  • Fill the counter with water 
  • Connect the Co2 tubing to the inlet of the counter 
  • Co2 gas from the pipe will create bubbles in the water 
  • Count the number of bubbles per second to make calculation
  • Beetle Counter can be placed outside the tank. Use the suction cups to attach it on the wall of the aquarium.

If you have a solenoid, place it under/below the non return valve. Therefore the set up should be: solenoid > non return valve > bubble counter > diffuser
Compatible with pressurized Co2 tanks & DIY yeast bottles.

Bubble Counter Size:

  • OD: 2.2cm
  • Height: 16cm