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Professional Aquarium CO2 Dual Stage Regulator with 12V Swiss Solenoid and World Class Custom Built-in Needle Valve

Our most popular dual stage regulator which will minimise increase in output pressure as pressure drops in gas cylinder and will prevent end-tank-dump. Available with nuts CGA320 or W21.8 (DIN477).

This regulator is equipped with our latest high quality finish stainless steel gauges.

World Class Custom Built-in high precision needle valve which will let you adjust the bubble rate as low as 1 bubble per 60 seconds. The needle valve has been tested by many aquarium engineers and it is the only valve like that on the market so far. 

Solenoid attached to this regulator is our PRO-range solenoid which is best solenoid available on the aquatic market. It has been designed by Swiss engineers with planted aquarium use in mind. Main features of this solenoid :

  • 10 years warranty!
  • Powered by external power adapter with universal input power : 100V-240V 50Hz & 60Hz will let you use this regulator around the world
  • Power adapter with 4 interchangeable electric sockets adapters for worldwide use
  • For 100% safety solenoid is powered with 12V DC only!
  • Solenoid with built-in Electronic Power Consumption Module (EPCM) which lowers power consumption to 0.7W!
  • Solenoid doesn't produce any heat due to low power operation
  • DC power prevent solenoid from buzzing operation which may happen with AC powered solenoids
  • Easy accessible internal parts for periodic plunger clean

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