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Product Code: REGV3001

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This CO2 Regulator V3 is a superior quality CO2 Regulator designed specifically for use with our CO2 diffusers. The V3 is an excellent regulator for the beginner enthusiast or the planted tank professional seeking a sleek, compact, superior quality regulator.

A super precise needle valve and speed-fit tubing connection for ease of installation.
Fixed working pressure, designed specifically for use with all our CO2 diffusers.
Installation on standard BS341 / DIN477 CO2 Cylinder valves.

We specialize in CO2 regulators for the planted tank. Our custom CO2 regulators are designed, built, and tested to surpass the highest standards in CO2. Our regulators feature high-performance solenoids and bubble counters to achieve excellence in performance. Our team is always working hard to ensure that we provide our customers the best possible CO2 equipment, we stand behind our equipment. We are confident that our CO2 regulators and systems rise above the competition, see the difference for yourself.