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  • UP Aqua Aqua Sand is designed for tanks with plants, shrimp and fish.
  • Rich in elements for plants
  • Ideal granule size for healthy plant roots and development. 
  • pH 6.5 - 7.0
  • Granule size: 2-4mm
  • 5kg bag
  • Color: Earth


  • Do not wash product before use.
  • Distribute the AquaSand evenly on the aquarium bottom. For ideal conditions, lower the level of the soil in the front portion of the tank, with a high soil level in the rear of the tank.
  • Planting is easier when the water level is low enough to only just cover the AquaSand substrate.
  • Fill the aquarium with water after planting. Pour the water gently on a plate or mug to slowly avoid clouding the aquarium water.
  • The water may become cloudy after setup. This cloudiness disappears in a few hours with a properly functioning filtration system.