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American inspiration - spoiled for choice

When searching for inspiration for a new aquascape, most of us turn to nature. The reason for this is simple, nobody can create a dramatic nature scene better than nature itself. The world has an endless supply of inspiration but our aquascapers in America are luckier than most when it comes to the variety of different landascapes their country has to offer.
For all you hardscape fans, there is the Rocky Mountain range.
Anyone looking to create a convex style nature scape should look no further than the Glacier National Park.
If you like using moss on your aquascapes then the Angel Oak tree in Charleston, South Carolina is the worth checking out.
Fans of the concave technique are not short of inspiration either. Take the epic granite monoliths of Yosemite national park. El Capitan offers the perfect scene to be recreated in your aquarium.
There are so many different landscapes in North America that choosing which one becomes harder than recreating the scene itself. Our CO2 Artists in America really  should be proud of their natural surroundings. We hope to be seeing more USA inspired aquascapes soon.

Have you recently leaned towards America for your aquascape inspiration? Why not share with us and email your aquascape photos to and we will feature you on our social media pages.

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