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Meet the Artist - Pablo Fernandez


We all know their aquascapes but how much do you know about the aquascaper? 

We asked our Spanish CO2 Artist Pablo Fernandez some questions to learn a bit more about the artist behind the aquarium...

How did it all begin? I had my first aquarium around 5 years old. But it was difficult to find a planted tank in Spain. Back then it wasn't common. I remember my plastic plants with under gravel filter haha. My family shut down the aquarium. Then I started again myself a little later with some plants like cryptocorynes and anubias... One day I came across some photos from the ADA Gallery with my friend and we wanted to do something like this. From there we have tried to improve every day.
Who inspires you? Master of masters sir Takashi Amano without a doubt. Even now his aquascapes continue to inspire. Aquascapers like Oliver Knott or my great friend Miguel Ángel García, for me, the best Spanish aquascaper. And Tom Bar the master plantedTank.
What is your favourite style? I love planted tanks. The Dutch Style has something different from the rest. A timeless classic and always spectacular always remaining true to its roots. As for aquascapes, I prefer Nature Style. For me, it represents a more realistic aquatic nature than other types of aquariums, such as landscapes.
What is your highest ranking? I don't normally enter the competitions. In the past, I have entered the AGA without any ranking.
What do you love about aquascaping? The act of creating and observing an ecosystem grow is something special. I love the possibility of being able to recreate and have a bit of river at home. To see how fish and plants interact. It is simply fascinating.
Do you have any other interests outside of the aquarium? Yes, I love all kinds of plants. I do Wabi kusa, immersed and terrestrial plants. My house is full of plants. I have collected over 20 different fern species including Pteris and Asplenium. Recently I started one of the epiphytes with bromeliads and some orchids.
What lies ahead? I'm about to start a new project using a 100L aquarium. Soon I will be publishing the first photos. I also have more Wabi kusa are coming.